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Outdoor structures have the potential to transform the livability of your home. From adding storage space to improving curb appeal, they serve a number of valuable purposes. If you’re looking for durable and high-quality storage buildings for sale, look no further than Kloter Farms.

0% 12-Month Financing

We are proud to offer free delivery on all storage building and outdoor structure orders $1500 and more to CT, MA & RI (excluding Cape Cod & Islands). 

Easy to buy and easy to deliver! Click the building you want and buy online, call us OR visit us! We will be happy to show you around and help you choose the perfect building for your needs. For great sheds at great prices...see Kloter Farms! PLUS 0% 12-Month Financing!

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12x16 Garden Special Cape
Stock #6474 TL
Reg $10,723 Sale $8575

10x14 Garden Special Poolside
Stock #6476 TL
Reg $7660 Sale $6125

12x20 Garden Special Cape
Stock #6477 TL
Reg $12,288 Sale $9795

12x16 Signature Cape
Stock #6479 TL
Reg $8755 Sale $6995

12x16 Manor Cape
Stock #6480 TL
Reg $20,652 Sale $16,295

13x20 Garden Cape
Stock #6482 TL
Reg $17,268 Sale $13,795

12x16 New England Cape
Stock #6489 TL
Reg $9595 Sale $7675

10x16 English Garden
Stock #6483 TL
Reg $12,216 Sale $9495

12x20 Manor Cape
Stock #6484 TL
Reg $20,995 Sale $16,295

12x20 Signature Dutch
Stock #6485 TL
Reg $9890 Sale $7895

10x16 New England Dutch
Stock #6486 TL
Reg $8640 Sale $6910

12x14 New England Colonial
Stock #6487 TL
Reg $10,540 Sale $8430

10x14 New England Cape
Stock #6488 TL
Reg $8040 Sale $6430

10x12 Garden Villa
Stock #6496 TL
Reg $12,232 Sale $9500

12x16 Garden Cape
Stock #6490 TL
Reg $12,670 Sale $9995

12x16 Signature Cape
Stock #6491 TL
Reg $9540 Sale $7630

12x14 Signature Cottage
Stock #6492 TL
Reg $6663 Sale $5330

8x12 Signature Poolside
Stock #6493 TL
Reg $5710 Sale $4560

10x20 Signature Villa
Stock #6494 TL
Reg $9425 Sale $7540

8x10 Signature Cottage
Stock #6495 TL
Reg $4695 Sale $3750

8x10 Signature Saltbox
Stock #6502 TL
Reg $4090 Sale $3270

12x16 Signature Mini Barn
Stock #6497 TL
Reg $7870 Sale $6295

8x12 Utility Shed
Stock #6498 TL
Reg $4425 Sale $3540

12x26 Horse Barn
Stock #6499 TL
Reg $18,276 Sale $14,600

10x14 Run-In
Stock #6500 TL
Reg $6793 Sale $5430

8x10 Run-In
Stock #164129 TL
Reg $3730 Sale $2980

Garden Special Cape (T-1-11) 
  8x12 Reg $5600 Sale $4760
10x12 Reg $6445 Sale $5478
10x14 Reg $7085 Sale $6022

Manor Cape (T-1-11) 
12x16 Reg $15,425 Sale $13,111

12x20 Reg $17,685 Sale $15,032
Shown with additional door upgrade

Garden Special Cape (T-1-11) 
10x16 Reg $7790 Sale $6622
12x16 Reg $8765 Sale $7450
10x20 Reg $8865 Sale $7535

Garden Special Cape (T-1-11) 
12x16 Reg $8765 Sale $7450
12x20 Reg $10,640 Sale $9044
12x24 Reg $11,875 Sale $10,093

Garden Special Poolside (T1-11) 
 8x12 Reg $5760 Sale $4896

10x12 Reg $6660 Sale $5661
10x14 Reg $7390 Sale $6282

Garden Special Poolside (T1-11) 
10x16 Reg $8020 Sale $6817
10x20 Reg $9165 Sale $7790
12x16 Reg $9020 Sale $7667

Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
 8x12 Reg $5110 Sale $4344

10x12 Reg $6265 Sale $5325
10x16 Reg $7175 Sale $6099

Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
12x16 Reg $8325 Sale $7076

10x20 Reg $8470 Sale $7200
12x20 Reg $9520 Sale $8092

Signature Dutch (Vinyl) 
10x16 Reg $7395 Sale $6286
12x16 Reg $8465 Sale $7195
12x20 Reg $9695 Sale $8241

Manor Cape (Vinyl) 
12x16 Reg $16,165 Sale $13,740

12x20 Reg $18,525 Sale $15,746
Shown with optional upgrades

Elite Cape (T-1-11) 
12x16 Reg $17,870 Sale $15,190
12x20 Reg $20,190 Sale $17,162

Shown with optional upgrades

Elite Cape (Vinyl) 
12x16 Reg $19,260 Sale $16,371

12x20 Reg $21,710 Sale $18,454

Signature Villa (Vinyl) 
10x16 Reg $7585 Sale $6447

12x16 Reg $8710 Sale $7404
12x20 Reg $9950Sale $8458

New England Colonial
with shed dormer 

10x16 Reg $9590 Sale $8152
12x16 Reg $11,320 Sale $9622

Signature Colonial (Vinyl) 
10x16 Reg $7585 Sale $6447
12x14 Reg $8160 Sale $6936
12x16 Reg $8710 Sale $7578

Signature Cape (T-1-11) 
10x12 Reg $5395 Sale $4586
10x16 Reg $6270 Sale $5330
12x16 Reg $7535 Sale $6405

Signature Dutch (T-1-11) 
10x16 Reg $6800 Sale $5780
12x16 Reg $7745 Sale $6583
12x20 Reg $8825 Sale $7501

New England Colonial
with shed dormer 

10x16 Reg $8360 Sale $7106
12x16 Reg $10,015 Sale $8513

Mini Barn (T-1-11) 
10x16 Reg $5070 Sale $4310
12x16 Reg $6120 Sale $5202
12x20 Reg $7085 Sale $6022

Signature Cottage (T-1-11) 
  8x12 Reg $4382 Sale $3725
10x12 Reg $5179 Sale $4402
10x16 Reg $6019 Sale $5116

High-Quality Outdoor Structures for Every Need

At Kloter Farms, we offer a wide range of beautiful and functional storage buildings meticulously built to help homeowners improve their quality of life through more mindful living. Every garden shed, cape shed, poolside shed, vinyl cape shed, and barn shed we manufacture is made to last. A commitment to exceptional quality is foundational to Kloter Farms outdoor structures. The same principles that have made Kloter Farms a trusted name for heirloom-quality home furniture put the company’s durable outdoor buildings in a class of their own. Our products are designed to withstand the elements, survive the test of time, and bring you value for years to come.

Customizability = Versatility

One of the things that makes a Kloter Farms vinyl storage building, shed with dormer, or another outdoor structure different from other storage buildings is a near-endless selection of customization options. From designing your shed to complement your home’s appearance to outfitting it with the exact features you’re looking for, Kloter Farms is all about empowering homeowners to bring to life a final product that fulfills their unique wants and needs.

Your Outdoor Structure, Your Way

At Kloter Farms, we know that no two homeowners are the same. We’re dedicated to accommodating this with our diverse and multifunctional storage buildings. When we say a storage building from Kloter Farms can be customized to your specifications, we mean it. From colors and decorative details that create a harmonious aesthetic in your backyard to your choice of layout and the addition of ramps, storage lofts, and dormers, every Kloter Farms shed, barn, or gazebo can be perfectly personalized.

As a family-owned and operated business, the customer experience is front and center in everything we do at Kloter Farms. We think of our relationship as a partnership, and it’s our mission to make sure that we more than deliver on our promise to you. In addition to quality workmanship and exceptional products, we also strive to ensure affordability. With every outdoor structure we sell across the comprehensive shopping experience, we accept nothing less than your 100 percent satisfaction.

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At Kloter Farms, we specialize in durable outdoor structures and patio furniture and in heirloom-quality home furniture. Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in small woodshops across North America, build much of the custom solid wood furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include Mission, Shaker, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid oak, cherry, brown maple, and quarter sawn oak.

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