Shed Sale + Free Ramp + $100 Free Upgrades - Ends Saturday!

Come visit New England's largest display park. We are proud to offer Free Delivery on all storage building and outdoor structure orders $1500 and more to CT, MA & RI (excluding Cape Cod & Islands). 

Easy to buy and easy to deliver!  Three easy choices. 1. Click the building you want and buy online. 2. Call 860.871.1048 and we will take your order over the phone.  3. Visit our 16-acre display park and we will be happy to show you around! For great sheds at great prices...see Kloter Farms!

Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
  8x12 Reg $3480 Sale $2950
10x12 Reg $4265 Sale $3595
10x14 Reg $4545 Sale $3850

Signature Dutch (T-1-11) 
10x16 Reg $4410 Sale $3695
12x16 Reg $5020 Sale $4250
12x24 Reg $6700 Sale $5695

Garden Special Cape (T-1-11) 
  8x12 Reg $3655 Sale $3095
10x12 Reg $4210 Sale $3550
10x16 Reg $5085 Sale $4295

Signature Mini Barn (T-1-11) 
10x16 Reg $3285 Sale $2785
12x16 Reg $3970 Sale $3350
12x20 Reg $4590 Sale $3895

Vinyl Special Cape (Vinyl) 
  8x12 Reg $3960 Sale $3350
10x16 Reg $5370 Sale $4550
12x16 Reg $6155 Sale $5195

Garden Special Cape (T-1-11) 
10x20 Reg $5785 Sale $4895
12x16 Reg $5725 Sale $4850
12x20 Reg $6950 Sale $5895

Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
10x16 Reg $4890 Sale $4150
10x20 Reg $5770 Sale $4895
12x16 Reg $5675 Sale $4795

Signature Cape (T-1-11) 
10x12 Reg $3500 Sale $2975
10x16 Reg $4065 Sale $3455
12x16 Reg $4885 Sale $4152

Signature Dutch (Vinyl) 
10x12 Reg $4410 Sale $3749
10x16 Reg $5035 Sale $4280
12x16 Reg $5765 Sale $4900

Signature Cottage (T-1-11) 
10x12 Reg $3360 Sale $2856
10x16 Reg $3902 Sale $3317
12x16 Reg $4690 Sale $3987

8x12 Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
Stock #Q0424003A

Reg $3625 Sale $2895

10x12 Run-In (Board & Batten) 
Stock #5821

Reg $4636 Sale $3709

10x12 Signature Cape (Vinyl) 
Stock #5993
Reg $4265 Sale $3412

12x16 Manor Cape (Vinyl) 
Stock #5802TL

Reg $12,344 Sale $9175

8x12 Garden Poolside (Cedar) 
Stock #5795TL

Reg $6905 Sale $4995

12x16 New England Cape (Vinyl) 
Stock #5791TL

Reg $7100 Sale $5325

12x20 Elite Cape (Vinyl) 
Stock #5370TL

Reg $18,384 Sale $13,295

12x16 Garden Cape (Cedar) 
Stock #5799TL

Reg $11,763 Sale $7995

14x20 Garden Cape (T-1-11) 
Stock #5801TL

Reg $11,314 Sale $8295

Don't forget to shop for more furniture with us at

"an online division of Kloter Farms"

Don't forget to shop for more furniture with us at

"an online division of Kloter Farms"

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At Kloter Farms, we specialize in durable outdoor structures and patio furniture and in heirloom-quality home furniture. Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in small woodshops across North America, build much of the custom solid wood furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include Mission, Shaker, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid oak, cherry, brown maple, and quarter sawn oak.

Kloter Farms
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(Corner of Route 83 & 286)

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We encourage you to view outdoor products before sunset. Appointments available upon request.

*Outdoor division closes at 5pm daily during winter.

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