It’s a process and we’ll help you through each step

As you share your ideas with us, we will ask you many questions, including the ones above. Other things to think about are; what type of siding would you like? What roofline? Do you want dormers? Are there special accommodations that need to be met - such as a lift, bonus room, studio or man cave? Bring us your dream. You can initiate the process with an initial deposit, and then we will schedule a site visit.

Step 1: Planning and Zoning

Most towns have zoning regulations that will dictate some details of your garage. Some of these are; set backs from property lines, size and/or height restrictions, proximity to wetlands, wells or septic. If special permissions are required by the town, this can add one to four months to the project schedule. Zoning permits are the responsibility of the homeowner and must be secured prior to setting a delivery/installation date.

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Step 2: 3-D Design

Detailed 3-D drawings are included with each garage. Kloter Farms will take your design, colors and options and create a virtual building. We look at your needs, try different ideas, and finally come up with the perfect layout that best suits your vision and budget. There are so many options in this stage of design. Bring any ideas, drawings, measurements you have with you to begin this process. This step assures that you will be delighted with the finished project ... even before it’s started.

Step 3: Plans for the Permitting Process

After the design has been approved by you, Kloter Farms will create the plans needed for you to get a building permit. Once a permit is in place, a construction schedule can be made.

Step 4: Foundation is Prepared and Measured

Many garages require a foundation. Whether you have your own contractor, or we handle this for you, it is important that the foundation is prepared properly. After the foundation is poured, Kloter Farms will measure it to make sure the concrete and building dimensions match.

Step 5: Building of Your Garage

Your building is built in a state of the art manufacturing facility. All painted components are finished in our paint booth, assuring a quality of finish that is impossible to achieve in the field. Walls are framed, plywood is pre-cut, trim is cut and painted and openings prepared for doors and windows. The building is then carefully packed and shrinkwrapped prior to being delivered to your site.

Step 6: Assembly of Your Garage

The kit is delivered and our crew typically assembles the garage in two to four days. Siding is hung, paint is touched up, doors and windows are installed. Now it’s time to start filling the building.

Step 7: Completed garage is ready for you to enjoy

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At Kloter Farms, we specialize in durable outdoor structures and patio furniture and in heirloom-quality home furniture. Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in small woodshops across North America, build much of the custom solid wood furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include Mission, Shaker, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid oak, cherry, brown maple, and quarter sawn oak.

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