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4th of July Celebrations

I like parties. More accurately, I love to PLAN parties! There's a moment during a gathering when I like to step back and soak it all in. Everything is coordinated, people are mingling and food/drinks are keeping everyone cheerful. So with the Independnce Day just two days away, I thought it would be fun to plan a 4th of July party together.

Make A List

TIP: Organize, organize, organize! I use Pinterest strictly to organize. Start by pinning your favorite ideas onto a board. However, be sure to add a description of what you want to use out of each pin. That way as you start to buy items, make food and set-up, your initial prep work will make it all MUCH easier.

Let's get started...

My biggest downfall when I plan a party is that my mind explodes with a million ideas of where it could head! The negative aspect of Pinterest is there's so many complicated DIY ideas out there, it can seem daunting. So I've resolved to only Pin things I can execute. So with a little labor of love, all the items I'm going to share are obtainable for this weekend!

TIP: Even though there will be a lot of different items and decorations, keep going with the same patriotic theme and red, white and blue color palette. Don't fret if all the reds or blues aren't in the exact tone. When it all comes together, it will look great!



Anywhere outside is perfect! Obviously a Kloter Farms patio sets is ideal, but even tables in the yard will work. I encourage you to use the natural elements of the table. Whether it's poly or natural wood, leave it exposed. However, if you need to cover it, go with a classic white tablecloth. There's going to be enough color going on, you won't want any competing colors.

Kloter Farm Patio Furniture

Other Tables



Keep it simple. Here are a few I ideas like and what I would pick out of each...

July 4th Decorations

Pink Peppermint Designs had the right idea when she kept her banner simple. And even if that seems like too much to design, there's plenty of free printables online.

July 4th Decorations

There was three things I like in this photo. One, the Coca-Cola bottles. Two, the placement of napkins on the white plate. And three, adding a basic planter with flags as the centerpiece. On a time constraint and budget, I'd ignore the rest.

July 4th Decorations

Lanterns and candles are the quickest way to create a centerpiece. The party favor bags on plates are a nice touch as well.

July 4th Decorations

This is very well done. I keep going back to keeping it simple. Flowers, vases and some flags are such a fast solution.

July 4th Decorations

While this photo could seem complicated, what I go to is the use of food as the decorations. I like how they put some food in a tier and made it the centerpiece. I'm also loving the little flag toothpicks! Poke them in a few food items and it dresses the table up quickly.

July 4th Decorations

While I wouldn't add sparklers to my food (haha!), I like the use of food as a decoration again. The bonus is it makes it easy for guests to grab what they need.


Food & Drinks

Always go potluck style! People WANT to contribute and it makes it easier to host. Give people general guidance of what to bring (a vegetable, a salad, fruit, etc.), but let their creativity do the rest of the work. When planning a party I think finger foods are the best to keep people socializing and entertained. Finally, keep the drinks plentiful and festive!











Drinks Drink

Check out MyRecipes.com ›

or BettyCrocker.com › 


Make sure there's some backyard entertainment. Set up a volleyball net. Have a baseball and bat out. Bocce, bean bag toss and croquet are a few other summer favorites. How easy and fun would it be to create the concept below?!? Fantastic idea.

Backyard Games



I think music makes a party. Nothing obxiousness or loud either. I perfer something lightly in the background, so there's never a dull moment. While I'd do some instrumental patriotic music, I'll leave a playlist up to your discretion :) My only tip would be to suffle maybe 50 songs together.


At Nightfall

Sparklers are always a treat for kids and adults alike. What a fun and simple party favor they make too!


There's one thing I encourage all of us to do. As nightfall hits and the party settles, stop and think about how special the day was. Maybe you had family over. Maybe friends. Maybe things didn't go quite as planned or maybe the day was perfect. It doesn't matter. What makes July 4th special is our choice to spend the day however we choose. It's a freedom we take for granted so often, and yet it one that's such an undeserved blessing. So say a little prayer of thanks and for safety for all brave men and women who have and are currently serving in our military.

Happy Independance Day!

Posted by elisabeth in Events on Thursday July, 2, 2015 at 05:14PM

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Saw my name on your  list but never got the invite!😉. Looks like a great party!!
from jill w. on 07/09/15 at 07:45AM

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