The Finishing Touch

Choose from over 250 finish, paint and distressing options in an impressive array of colors and textures. All our materials are custom formulated and meticulously hand-applied by our skilled artisans.

Keystone Premium Finishes produce a depth of clarity, color, and silky smoothness that enhances the warmth and beauty of solid hardwood. Let us create a truly personalized, hand-finished work of art for you.

Choosing Your Stain, Paint Color and SheenStain and Paint Options

Have fun with color! Don't worry about trends - they come and go. Select stain and paint colors that makes you feel good, and you'll always be happy with your choices.

Your furniture piece includes either a single stain or paint color. Add a second complementing paint color to give a unique look to your furniture. You can also choose a regular semi-gloss sheen or flat sheen for the varnish to enhance your wood, stain and paint choices.

Distressing & Finish Packages

(see below for definitions of finishing terms)

Distressing is available in light or medium levels. While distressing is typically paired with a flat sheen, it isn't required.
Light and Medium Distressing Levels

Antiquity Light Finish PackageAntiquity Finish Package
Gentle antiquing that includes small amounts of indentations, pin holes and rasp marks with some light wear-through. Hand-rubbed glazing completes this appealing look.

Vintage Medium Finish PackageVintage Finish Package
Moderate antiquing that includes a fair amount of indentations, pin holes and rasp marks with lightly eased edges and some extra wear-through. The addition of hand-rubbed glazing and some light hand-burnishing round out the look.

Hand Hewn Finish PackageHand Hewn Finish Package
Our handhewn option derives inspiration from the early craftsman of years gone by who used their broadaxes and adzes to shape a log from an uneven circle to a square beam of wood. Unique tool marks, slices, and scores from this process ensured that no two beams ever looked the same.
Today, we celebrate the time-worn ingrained characteristics of woods, such as closed knots, small splits and other natural markings; viewing them as qualities rather than imperfections.
The package includes medium distressing, light burnishing, glazing, hand hewn top and hand pegged top. (Available only on character woods)

Hand-Planed TopsHand-Planed Top

Before the industrial revolution, talented furniture markers wielded their hand planes to size and smooth the wood, creating gentle undulations where each plane stroke passed. This centuries-old artistry requires a trained eye and skilled hands. A slight tear of the wood grain imparts a natural antiquing effect, while the uneven surface adds a distinctive texture to the wood. Hand-planed furniture creates a one-of-a-kind look that cannot be mass produced, creating the individual style you've been looking for.

Finishing Terms

Burnishing: This painstaking hand-brushed process darkens the outer edges and profiles with a glaze stain to create an impression of age.

Distressing: A hand process that adds dimension to the apparent depth of a finish. Distressing creates the patina and marks of age seen in valued antiques and adds character and authenticity to a finish.

Eased Edges: Edges, corners and profiles are carefully and authentically sanded down to produce the look of use and wear over many years.

Hand Hewn: A special hand hewn effect on the tops of furniture gives a finish that lets nature do the talking. Small splits, knots and other natural "defects" become attributes rather than flaws with this incomparably soft, rustic, hand hewn finish.

Hand-Pegging: Square pegs pounded in round holes, placed in a way to provide an authentic look of Olde World Charm combined with fine furniture craftsmanship. This simulates the Olde World construction techniques to fasten the planks of tops together.

Pinholes: An antique effect achieved with a hammer-like tool that has protruding nails or screws which indent the surface in patterns reflective of worm holes.

Rasp Markings: Rasping, as the name implies, is done with a rasp - a tool similar to a file with rough biting teeth on one surface - creating a hand-tooled distressed look.

Simulated Cracks: Small character lines placed in the surface of the wood, (usually at the edge of a chair seat, table top, etc.) replicating aged wood with its inherent surface cracks due to seasonal changes. Simulated cracks do not affect the durability or stability of the furniture.

Wear-Through: Finish or wood showing through a wear spot, tapered corners, or crested areas, emulating a finish that has been rubbed off the corners and edges through many decades of wear.

Don't forget to shop for more furniture with us at

"an online division of Kloter Farms"

Don't forget to shop for more furniture with us at

"an online division of Kloter Farms"

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At Kloter Farms, we specialize in durable outdoor structures and patio furniture and in heirloom-quality home furniture. Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in small woodshops across North America, build much of the custom solid wood furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include Mission, Shaker, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid oak, cherry, brown maple, and quarter sawn oak.

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