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Carol & Bill from Enfield, CT:
"Over the years, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Whether it is a shed or furniture, we are always pleased with the professional service and quality we receive. No wonder we keep coming back!"
Dining Room  |  8/24/2019
Kirk from Palm Beach Gardens, FL:
"As we were not comfortable with making a selection via email, we travelled from Florida to Ellington. When we arrived we were met with a very pleasant greeting. All questions were answered extremely well."
Dining Room  |  11/29/2017
Elyse from Southington, CT:
"The quality of the pieces is so much better compared to the furniture we used to buy from a major retailer, and we coundn't be happier."
Dining Room  |  10/19/2017
Carole-Ann & Robert from Somers, CT:
"My husband and I purchased the Keystone Collection Somerset kitchen table and Verona side chairs back in 2013 and I must say the set is as beautiful today as it was the day we bought it."
Dining Room  |  8/30/2017
Monica & Forrest from Tolland, CT:
"Our sales rep was very helpful and steered us to exactly what would meet our requirements as far as size / stain etc."
Dining Room  |  4/25/2017
Tim from Simsbury, CT:
"I feel that the furniture Kloter Farms offers its customers is of high quality, something that will last a very long time and something you will be very satisfied with."
Dining Room  |  2/7/2017
Weston & Katie from Prospect, CT:
"Growing up, each having Kloter Farms furniture in our family homes, we knew it was something we had to check out for ourselves."
Dining Room  |  12/27/2016
Ralph & Alice from Ellington, CT:
"All that is said about this Country Store is so true, the sales people are wonderful right down to greeting us at the door."
Dining Room  |  10/5/2016
Theresa & Dan from Uxbridge, MA:
"We love our furniture! Superb customer experience with quality furniture. We never thought this could be after so many searches and not so good purchases."
Dining Room  |  9/5/2016
Diane & Rich from Ludlow, MA:
"As for your sales people, outstanding. Very knowledgeable and friendly."
Dining Room  |  7/27/2016
Sandy from Broad Brook, CT:
"Some of our friends have furniture that was purchased 20 years ago, and it still looks like new!!"
Dining Room  |  7/18/2016
Debby from Burlington, CT:
"We sincerely appreciate your customer service and always look forward to visiting the store."
Dining Room  |  7/12/2016
Rowland & Nancy from Old Lyme, CT:
"My husband and I would like to say a special thanks to all who helped us find a perfect family room table and chairs."
Dining Room  |  6/15/2016
Pam & Roger from Richmond, MA:
"My husbands father was a finish carpenter and Roger appreciates good workmanship in furniture and really was impressed with the quality."
Dining Room  |  6/8/2016
Amanda & Jon from Glastonbury, CT:
"They answered every question and even told us about a refundable deposit we could put down to hold the sale / table cost, giving us the peace of mind we needed to decide what we really wanted "
Dining Room  |  6/4/2016
"From the moment we bought our first sofa and chair right up to our latest purchase we have been treated with utmost respect and friendliness."
Dining Room  |  5/12/2016
Diane & Tom from Southington, CT:
"Even though it was very busy I never felt like he rushed or pressured us."
Dining Room, Home Decor  |  4/4/2016
Anthony & Deb from Plantsville, CT:
"Your people are well trained in customer service and are very friendly and real."
Dining Room  |  3/29/2016
Christopher & Kelly from Southington, CT:
"We are repeat customers to Kloter Farms and that in itself speaks volume."
Dining Room  |  3/7/2016
Christine from Oxford, CT:
"The salesmen weren't pushy, but helped in ways that enable me to decide which table was the right one without making me feel pressured."
Dining Room  |  3/2/2016
Barbara from Willington, CT:
"As I looked around our home I have realized that most of our beautiful and functional furniture has come from your store."
Dining Room  |  2/29/2016
Vincent from East Windsor, CT:
"I am pleased to be able to enjoy Kloter Farms furniture at my house and look forward to surrounding myself with more!"
Dining Room  |  2/20/2016
Pam & Tim from Manchester, CT:
"I bought my second dining room set at the tent sale this summer and am very happy with the experience I had when making my purchase."
Dining Room  |  1/28/2016
Kristine from South Windsor, CT:
"We would like you to know that we really love our new hutch. It fits the space perfectly."
Dining Room  |  1/28/2016
Stephen & Simone from Ellington, CT:
"We chose to buy from Kloter because not only is the furniture of the finest quality, but also because the staff is a pleasure to work with."
Dining Room  |  1/27/2016
John & Barbara from Willington, CT:
"We love our new furniture and are so grateful that we can have peace-of-mind when we shop at your store"
Dining Room  |  1/25/2016
Debra from Vernon, CT:
"We love our new dining room table, it goes perfectly with our kitchen cabinets and decor."
Dining Room  |  1/11/2016
Bob & Janet from Manchester, CT:
"Her knowledge and suggestions made our visit less stressful and resulted in a purchase of a kitchen island and two stools."
Dining Room  |  1/11/2016
Nancy from Canterbury, CT:
"The workmanship is exceptional and everyone who has seen it has complimented us on its beauty, style, and quality."
Dining Room  |  1/10/2016
Jill from East Longmeadow, MA:
"I could not be happier with your furniture. It is true quality and a great addition to my home."
Dining Room  |  1/8/2016

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At Kloter Farms, we specialize in durable outdoor structures and patio furniture and in heirloom-quality home furniture. Skilled furniture craftsmen, working in small woodshops across North America, build much of the custom solid wood furniture we carry for our customers. Our furniture styles include Mission, Shaker, traditional, transitional and painted, with wood options including solid oak, cherry, brown maple, and quarter sawn oak.

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